First of all, this is just one part of a group paper so there should be no conclusion as this is just the start of the paper. I have attached the proposal to give you an idea about our topic.


We will grade your ability to:

Create an evidence-based document. Use data from your own analyses and previous work, whenever possible, to support your arguments. Think that one day you could use this report to add to a job application. 
Choose content that adds value to meet the goals of the assignment:
Every single paragraph must have a purpose. Before submitting your report, ask yourselves questions like: is this part necessary for understanding why my company should apply a specific strategy in the chosen city or country?
Avoid common-place ideasthose that are very general and do not make a difference for the reader when answering the questions for each section.
Avoid to simply repeat or, worse, copy extant work. Remember that your document will be scanned for plagiarism.
The choice about how much space is allocated to different ideas, themes, and concepts is yours.
Apply theory into practice. In evaluating your paper, the teaching team will look to see whether a) the frameworks, theories, and concepts you use are described accurately (i.e. substantially correct), b) applied appropriately (i.e. fit the context you describe), and c) most relevant to the situation (i.e. you picked the theories and concepts that best illuminate the firms situation. This also entails deducting points if you neglect theories and concepts that were important for your analyzed case).
Collective action. You will provide evaluations of your own effort, motivation, and leadership and those of your teammates. Although the grades for the report and the presentation are by team, these evaluations will affect your final grade.


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