Respond to the student response to the following prompts based on Classical and Contemporary Sociological Theory by Appelrouth and Edles, 4th edition. 

PROMPT 1: To what extent do you feel that the principles of the Enlightenment have become ingrained within our everyday 21st-century actions and thought? What role does technology play in promoting or suppressing such principles? Would you say that the mass media supports this type of thinking or not?

Student Response:
I would say that the Enlightenment is still ingrained in the 21st century, Many things are still questioned in our society. This period of time was not a set of ideas set in place, but a time where they put a lot of attention and emphasis on reasons, something that has continued on today. Technology only enables us to further these principles with it changing and building new and more intelligent forms of technology. In my opinion mass media can do either promote or suppress depending on how they want society to view it. If it is something they want to get out for the public to promote and go along with that is how they will allows us to view it and vice versa.

PROMPT 2: Review the authors four coordinates and then look at the figures in the chapter. Which classical theorists orientation most closely matches your own beliefs regarding action and order in society? Explain. If you cant pick only one theorist, explain the portion of the various theorists work that speaks to you.

Student Response:

The four coordinates of non-rational, collective, rational, individual, I feel that I best identify with the writing of George Herbert Mead because I believe in the power of the individual and people making decisions because they are lawful, morale and just.  The irony being that what the individual does can contribute to the collective, which is on the complete other end of the spectrum.  For example, if I own a trucking company that employs people to drive and maintain those trucks, and those trucks transport good across the country, that is enabling the collective by giving people a source of income and also by giving people the goods that they desire.  However, I feel that none of this can be accomplished unless the individual is allowed to be free to make their own decisions, and in this case, I was allowed the opportunity to open a trucking company.  (FYI, I do not own a trucking company, it was just an example).   


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