Identify a public health topic of your choice, select one evidence-based portal or database, search the database and identify and describe one evidence-based program.  How does the program compare to popular impressions of what works to address your problem of interest? How can public health professionals encourage communities and individuals to use evidence-based portals to address public health issues?

Examples of evidence-based databases/ portals are:

https://www.samhsa.gov/ebp-resource-center (Links to an external site.)

https://campbellcollaboration.org/library.html (Links to an external site.)

https://us.cochrane.org/ (Links to an external site.)

https://www.iced-eval.org/ (Links to an external site.)

https://www.ojjdp.gov/mpg/ (Links to an external site.)

https://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/finder/t/95/Evidence-Based%20Practices (Links to an external site.)


Responses will be marked based on accuracy, clarity, application of principles from the textbook, originality, and depth of knowledge


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