Both of our course textbooks speak of additional multi-level theories (in addition to those which we have already discussed) and Behavioral Epigenetics (Nature vs Nuture) in relation to health behavior. In our video tonight we added in the topic of Stress and how stress can affect Health Behaviors.

This assignment will focus on stress and its relation to Health Behaviors.  In lecture we spoke of Bio-Ecological System Levels, the Bio-Ecological Model, Nature vs Nuture and Epigenetics.

While watching this video, please take notes on your beliefs on stress and its relationship to Bio-Ecological System Levels, the Bio-Ecological Model, Nature vs Nuture and Epigenetics



Edberg Chapters 7 & 8

Glanz, Rimer and Viswanath Chapters 10 & 11 (additional aspects of Social Networks)

Using your textbook, the video and additional references provide “specific referenced statistics and specific examples” to answer/discuss the following questions:

1) How does stress impact health behaviors overall?

2) How does stress promote positive health behaviors?

3) How does stress promote negative health behaviors?

Please be sure to provide specific statistics, specific examples and specific referencing to support your thoughts.

– Please provide your supporting thoughts towards the posts/thoughts of your classmates, I would like to keep this Discussion Board as an ongoing forum of conversation


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