Description of Assignment:

1. Choose a particular sect of Christianity.  You may choose from the following: Advent Christian Church, Seventh-Day Adventist, Free-Will Baptists, Southern Baptists, Church of the Brethren, Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Rite Catholic Church, Disciples of Christ, Church of Christ, United Church of Christ, Episcopal Church USA, Friends (Quakers), Church of the Nazarene, Lutheran Church, Mennonite Church, Amish Church, United Methodist Church, Orthodox Church in America, Assemblies of God, Presbyterian Church, Latter-Day Saints, Jehovah’s Witness, Messianic Judaism, Christian Science, Rastafarianism, Gnostic Christianity, Christadelphians, Unity School of Christianity, The Way International, The Spiritists, or Moravian Church.

Our OCCC Library contains online Films on Demand exploring many of the above denominations of Christianity.

See http://digital.films.com.librarynt.occc.edu/Dashboard.aspx or access it via http://library.occc.edu

2. Provide a brief origin on the “Christian” sect.  How was it started?  Why was it started? Who started it?

3. Provide in your own word a description of beliefs and value systems that may or may not be similar to “traditional” Christianity.

4. Compare diffferences between the Christian sect and another sect of Christianity.

5. Evaluate the sect according to your opinion.  Be honest without condemnation.  If you were a Christian, would you attend or practice within the sect you described?  Does the religious sect contain values similar to your own?

Note: When working on the assignment, do NOT use Wikipedia.  Research by going to websites related specifically to the religious sect.  Read how they view themselves.  They may even have videos on YouTube or other places.


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