Description of Assignment:

Like the Trail of Tears in Native American History, Jewish history is also defined  by a multitude of exile narratives, such as the exile in Egypt before Moses led the Hebrew Exodus (around 1250 B.C.E.), in Babylonia after the destruction of the first Temple (around 586-539 B.C.E.), in Jerusalem after the destruction of the second Temple (Around 70 C.E.), and in Europe after the Nazis nearly decimated the entire cultures of European Judaism (between 1937-1945).

Research the history behind one of the exile events and re-create a fictional account of the event by writing a first-person narrative of a boy, girl, father, mother, grandfather, or grandmother who has experienced loss, strength, endurance, courage, or other emotions.


Length: at least 250 Words
Though a fictional account, I expect the narrative to match but interpret the historical event for the reader.
You might find the following site, United States Holocaust Museum, useful:  http://www.ushmm.org/


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