REad chapters 10-11  of Negotiation by Lewicski and et all answer the following using APA format and citation style: Each answer should be thorough and well thought out.  Use the uploaded information to assist you.

1.  Up to this point, we have described the negotiation process as though it occurred between two parties who had no prior relationship or knowledge of each other, came together to do a deal, and maintained no relationship once the deal was done. This is not the norm.  How does the past, ongoing, or future relationship between negotiators affect the negotiating process?  Are relationships changed?  Why or Why not? (275 words,)

2.  Negotiators act as agents in the processthat is, they are not necessarily presenting their own issues and interests, but are also representing the views of others who may or may not be at the table. How do negotiation dynamics change when additional parties are added to a two-person negotiation?  (275 words)


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