In this assignment, you are in the role of an HR consultant. There is a critical deliverable that your clients CEO expects from you:
This organizations CEO would like you to convince his staff that his organization needs to begin the process of changing from being a traditional 1980s-style employer, to an employer of the future. But he really doesnt know what that means.
Prepare and deliver a persuasive, audio-visual presentation to be given to the top management staff of a cotton-ball manufacturer that has 150 regular, full-time employees in one location.
Some of the top staff is adamantly opposed to outsourcing any work and also opposed to hiring temporary employees. They have not heard of the competency approach. Make recommendations based on what you have learned in your research. You may need to convince key staff members to change their minds and take steps into the future, but in order to be successful you will need to be enlightening and persuasive.
Your submission should be a PowerPoint slide presentation with presentation notes
The presentation should include all relevant information, including data analyses (charts, graphs), decision criteria, changes needed, and so forth.
Include at least 4 valid sources to strengthen the discussion

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Lets take a closer look at the process of Career Planning for someone with aspirations of moving up in the HR field.
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And, finallylearn how to navigate your HR career path:
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