30-minute in-class article presentation and discussion will be evaluated by your instructor. The grading breakdown is as follows:

10% Using the same article that was used for your Empirical article review and Development of a resource, you will lead an in-class discussion of the article. Present a review of the paper (including the research question, hypothesis, method, results, and conclusion) in a way that your peers can understand. You will describe why this research is important and link it to what we have been learning in class. Present videos or other resources to support your peers understanding of the research. The majority of the presentation must be your content (i.e., if you find a video online that explains your article, you cant just present that video). The presentation should be approximately 10 minutes in length.

Article summary details sufficient

5 – research question, hypothesis, method, results, and conclusion are clearly explained so that they can be understood and knowledgeably discussed by peers

3 – some information is not clearly explained in a way that could be understood by peers.

0 – summary information is lacking, incorrect, or not explained at a level that peers would understand.

Engaging format

5 – the format is engaging and appropriate for peers

3 – format was difficult to understand, did not support the content, or was not very engaging

0 – the format is not engaging

5% You will then lead a discussion of the paper by developing questions meant to spur discussion within the group. Questions may include things like: what are some alternative explanations for the results? What are some potential ethical concerns with this type of research and how can we address them? How could this research be applied by parents/teachers/&c.? How does this change your understanding of early development? The discussion should be approximately 20 minutes in length.

Please write all the discussion questions and also write what possible answers could be for the discussion questions. You can also make an interactive 10 questions Kahoot where you can ask M/C questions. Please make sure to use a very interactive template and make sure to also give a breakdown of the background of the research.

Discussion encouraged thoughtful analysis of and peer engagement with the content

5 – sufficient number and substantively interesting open-ended questions are provided to engage the class for at least 20 minutes in thoughtful discussion. At least some of the questions are not those above-listed. The presenter provides non-judgemental, supportive, knowledgeable input to encourage peers to share their thoughts.

3 – limited questions or presenter engagement.

0 – any presenter who is behaving badly towards the class (e.g., combative, abusive, does not allow for other perspectives) during the discussion will receive 0 on this component


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