EN 2020 F Final Exam Professor Harding 12.00 p.m. Paris time Friday 188h December 12 p.m. Paris time Sunday 20th December 2020

Answer both questions, in the form of an essay. You may use your books.

Send the essay back to my email in the form of a Word document attachment before 12 noon, Paris time, Sunday 19th.

1. How does Joyce use past and future, memory and desire, to explore the construction of emotional experience in his writing? Refer to The Dead and any two other stories.
– https://www.gutenberg.org/files/2814/2814-h/2814-h.htm (“The Dead” Last story)

2. Analyse the ways in which Chekhov represents and uses empathy. Refer to A Boring Story and any two other stories.

Please, pay a close attention to respond to the questions (quotes, examples…)


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