Step #1 – Study the theory: The first task is to conduct research on ethical egoism and utilitarianism (PICK ONE THEORY) and contribute quality information to this forum about one of the ethical theories. Step #1 should be at least one paragraph and the link to your research content (This section is worth 25 points)
Give a good summary of the content you found in your research, why you think it is helpful for other students interested in this theory, and post the link so other students can review the source.
Examples of the type of content I am looking for: web articles, YouTube videos, journal articles. It is important to find credible sources

Step #2 – Apply the theory: The second task is to find an example of an ethical issue from social media, politics, business, health and legal fields, work and/or school and analyze it from the perspective of the theory you picked in step #1. Step #2 should be one to two paragraphs and thoroughly cover issue from the perspective of the theory. The Perspective is a good website to find ethical issues that are current and trending (https://www.theperspective.com/)  (Worth 25 points)
Explain the ethical issue you picked and use the theory you picked to evaluate the issue using the principles, strengths, and weaknesses of the theory. You can also use an example from your life, but please do not mention names or give away the identity of the persons involved. Post a link to the article if appropriate.


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