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Executive summary and graded rubrics attached.

Cloud Technologies – Executive Summary

Original Instructions:

Don & Associates is looking to expand its services and locations, but the owner of the company is worried about the cost of acquiring additional equipment and is also concerned about maintenance and space. The owner is looking for an innovative solution that will reduce the operational cost of expansion.

In the scenario for this course, you are a member of the IT team at Don & Associates, a financial consulting company that provides services to small- and medium-sized companies. Because the company is looking to expand into neighboring states within the Northeast region, its leaders have tasked you with determining if cloud computing is a viable solution to the need for infrastructure.

Assignment 1: Executive SummaryIn this assignment, you will develop a high-level overview in the form of an executive summary that will review the types of cloud computing, describe the advantages of moving operations to the cloud, and include a brief introduction of the major cloud vendors.
Use this executive summary template (attached). In the template, you will see specific instructions in the document. Delete the instruction text before you submit your project.

Your summary should include:
    the types of cloud computing (private, public, hybrid)
    three major cloud service providers
    three cloud computing service models
    potential benefits and risks of migrating the company’s technical infrastructure to the cloud
Be sure to cite any sources you use.


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