Feminist Media Critique

In a digital presentation, review a film, song/album, news or magazine article, or television episode/show of your choosing, to expose how women and gender are portrayed in popular media. You may choose any medium to create your project (YouTube video, infographic, digital poster, song, poem, etc……as long as it can be submitted digitally on Blackboard). Give a short summary of the piece you are reviewing, but concentrate this project on a critical analysis of how gender, women, race, ethnicity, class, age, nationality, and ability are portrayed in the piece. Exercising your critical lens through this assignment may allow you to see popular media in a different way… and you should talk about this in your analysis.
Integrate themes from at least 2 course readings to support your argument. Address the questions of: Why did you choose this piece? Is the piece you chose a feminist piece? Why or why not? How are issues within the piece related to feminism? How is this piece a larger reflection of societal structures and inequality? How does this affect you the viewer/consumer, or what effect could it have on others?
Your grade on this assignment will be calculated by the following criteria:
– Addressed questions listed in prompt using specific examples (and evidence from our course readings where necessary)
– Integrated key concepts of feminism, gender, misogyny, intersectionality, sexuality, inequality, etc. as discussed in class
– Cited any ideas that are not your own
– Used creative digital media to represent work (creativity and artistic talent is not graded,
but effort is!)
– Evidence of effort and time spent considering the assignment prompt
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