I need to edit my article.

if you can see on the uploaded material that is the paper is almost done…. all you gotta do is edit and make some adjustment based on the feedback for part one and part two.
add some more information about it for at least one page

part 1
The one big piece of feedback I want to offer is that you should take a step back and ask yourself: “what part of this problem can I address with my policy ideas?” As it stands, you have framed a very large problem that will be hard to propose policy ideas to attack. So, for example, could you look to see if there are communities or cities that have bigger shortages than others, and consider a more tailored solution for that particular scenario? That’s just one idea, but remember that you want to narrow and frame the problem so that it sets up a specific problem that you want to solve with your policy. You’re off to a great start though!

part 2
I’m still not completely clear on what specific part of the problem you plan to address. Remember that you need to be very clear about that so that your policy ideas make sense. Lastly, please combine all three pieces into one paper for the final submission. I want to see what edits you have made to each part and the final product should be one paper from beginning to end.


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