Frederick Douglas



The life of Frederick Douglas encompasses the social ups and political downs of the Antebellum Era. Douglass life provides a poignant example of the horrors of slavery, the ambiguity around freedom and illustrates the difficulties of being an enslaved person of African heritage in the United States.

*** The book link was emailed to you and is also located on the course syllabus. In addition, there are several versions of this book free online that you can search for and use if you dont care for the format of the one I provided you.***


In a minimum two page, Time-New Roman Font, 12 Font and doubled spaced essay address the following question(s):

According the information recorded in the book, describe the major events of Douglass life- his experiences as a slave (treatment, horrors he witnessed as a slave, and the conclusions he made about life), his escape (failed attempts also and who assisted him), and his life once he became free (as an abolitionist, newspaperman, his acquaintances- etc.)  What does Douglass life experiences reveal about slavery and the institutions impact on enslaved people? Last, how does the legacy of slavery still impact American society and race relations in contemporary times? 

Keys to having a superior essay:

– Your response should be a minimum of two pages (two pages is the requirement, those students who seek to have a high grade and a superior essay will have much more).

– Be accurate, thorough, insightful and thoughtful (dont just simply summarize give analysis).

–  include direct and paraphrased information from the textbook *** (Please cite direct quotes using parenthetical citations-author and page number). ***

– Do not copy and paste or attempt to sparingly re-word passages as your own work. I want you to produce your own original ideas, arguments and insights (never seen before).

– Make sure that you adequately address the conclusion “Impact on contemporary society”.

– Make sure that you adequately address all questions posed through the prompt and that your answer is detailed.

***Your response will be evaluated based on the criteria above. ***


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