Use the Internet to obtain information on the questions listed below. Summarize your
recommendations in a PowerPoint.

1. Identify one professional group (e.g., nurses, laboratory technicians, radiologic
technicians, home health aides) that is experiencing recruitment and retention
problems. [The shortage has increased due to an aging population and issues with

2. An additional source for information is the Bureau of Labor Statistics
Occupational Outlook Handbook (https://www.bls.gov/ooh/], then select

3. Research to capture the approximate number of professionals in this group needed
by in the workforce within a state or the U.S. You can also investigate the
requirements in another county but that would come from Internet sources rather
than the BLS that contains only U.S. information.

4. What do organizations perceive to be the causes of recruitment challenges and
healthcare worker turnover? Is there clarity around which strategies have been
successful and unsuccessful? If so, which strategies have proven successful?
Which strategies have not been effective? What strategies may be effective but
are difficult to implement?

5. What strategies have been found to improve retention? What are the reasons
people choose to stay with their organizations?

6. What are the costs associated with recruitment, retention, and turnover?


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