For the scenario, imagine you are a patient access supervisor who must educate a group of new hires about the revenue cycle process, including:

The revenue cycle process.
Their potential responsibilities.
Why the process is important to a care organization.
Challenges that they may face in their work.

Explain the purpose of each step in the revenue cycle process.
Explain means to make (an idea, situation, or problem) clear to someone by describing it in more detail or revealing relevant facts or ideas.
The steps within the revenue cycle process include admissions, case management, documentation, coding, billing, and other steps.
Describe key responsibilities of individuals who work in the revenue cycle process.
Describe means to give an account in words of (someone or something), including all the relevant characteristics, qualities, or events.
Describe key components (such as verifying insurance, financial counseling, coding of documented services provided, and other components) and who is responsible (individuals such as coders, registration clerk, and others).
Explain the consequences to the organization of failing to fulfill key responsibilities in the revenue cycle process.
Explain additional steps and challenges in the revenue cycle process when working with an uninsured patient.
Provide information for the new staff regarding options available for the uninsured.
Identify any additional steps throughout the revenue cycle one must be aware of when working with an uninsured patient.
Identify the challenges that exist for the revenue cycle due to the delivery of uncompensated care.
Apply APA formatting to in-text citations and references.
Provide in-text citations just like you would in a paper, to show where the information was obtained.
Be sure to include an APA-formatted Reference.


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