In no more than 2 pages, summarize the reading on Darwinism and Antisemitism (not including the section titled The Socialist Movement) and the documents from our textbook titled Darwin Defends a Mechanistic View of Nature (page 759) and Herzl Calls for the Establishment of a Jewish State (page 727). You may a maximum of two short quotes (no more than 1-2 lines of text) from the sources for your summary, but be sure to use citations for your information. (A good rule of thumb would be to have at least 1-3 citations per paragraph, but not one after every sentence.)
Book is The Heritage of World Civilizations Ninth Edition
1.5 Pages Following your summary, use questions such as these to analyze the issue: Did science lead to racism and evil? Was it a major cause of anti-Semitism in Europe or were other factors more important? What do these issues make you think of science and society today?  You may use two short quotes for your analysis section.


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