Students will choose a congressional committee hearing based on their personal interest, to read/watch. It does not matter if it is a House or Senate committee. After watching/reading the full hearing students will have to write a 2.5 3.5 page paper on the hearing. Students need to identify which committee they chose, who the chair of the committee was at the time of the hearing, when the hearing took place, and if anyone testified who those people were. Additionally, students are required to write about: the main topics of the hearing, if there were any debates on issues, who took part in any debates and what side of the issue they were on, why they choose that committee and hearing, and how that hear or committee relates to their interest.

A list of, as well as links to, the Congressional Committees can be found here: https://www.congress.gov/committees (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Remember your paper must be in Times New Roman font, a font size of 12, double spaced, and have 1 inch margins. Failure to meet these parameters will result in points being taken off your assignment. Additional points may be taken off should a student not meet the length requirement of the assignment.


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