In  1940,  newly-elected president Manuel vila Camacho  declared  that  the  Revolution  had  entered  into  an  evolutionary  phase.    As  a  result,  the  institutional  revolution  would  embark  on  a  new  path  starting  in  the  1940s.    Often  referred  to  as  the  Mexican  miracle,  the  country  would  experience  unprecedented  growth, industrialization, and political stability.    How did  the  state go  about  constructing this miracle?    How did the state manage  to  keep  this  development drive  going  and  who  ultimately paid  the  price  for  it?    Why  did  the  miracle finally collapse in 1982in other words, what  went  wrong?  All in all, how much of this miracle would you say was fact and how much was fiction?

Reference to a reading can be made by using the authors last name (e.g., Sackett shows . . .) no page citations or works cited page are required.

Doremus and Sackett articles are more useful sources, but if you think any other two readings can provide a better quality paper then please use it. Thank you!


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