Write an annotated bibliography of what you have researched up to now. To earn a B your uploaded assignment needs to:

have a title (an annotated bibliography)

have the authors (i.e., you) name, under the title

include more than 15 academic sources (e.g. peer-reviewed articles, articles in books edited by academic publishers, books in academic publishers, etc.), with its correct bibliographical information (APA preferred, but could be other style); an academic
book counts as the equivalent of 6 peer-reviewed articles; by now, all sources must be relevant to your research question.

for each source, have a paragraph with a brief summary of the central theme or result of the paper/book, in your own words
(direct quotes are not acceptable)

have a paragraph of a critical assessment of the source; for example, was this a reliable source? did it use inadequate methods?
does it address a different population? is it not scholarly? is it too scholarly?

have a paragraph of reflection; this paragraph must include how the source relates to your research question.


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