This assignment will require investigation into a topic where you are able to add research to an ongoing conversation. Through your research on this topic, you should be able to identify the generally agreed upon knowledge about the topic already, and also what has not yet been fully explored. In adding to the ongoing conversation, you will not be merely summarizing what had already been written, but rather asking new and unexpected questions about your topic.

This might require finding a new perspective or examining overlooked details. This might even require challenging preconceived notions of an already familiar topic. The rhetorical situation of your final paper should be apparent as something that demonstrates your research into this topic and lends something both necessary, important, and new.

Your final draft should be 1100 words. Based on the audience you choose for where your piece would be received your voice, style, structure and choice to include images may vary. This assignment will require direct textual research, including a minimum of four diverse sources which must include at least one peer-reviewed scholarly article and one scholarly book, along with whatever popular press or online source.


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