Research notes from interviews for rhetoric and argument
By this point, you should have completed both of your primary research interviews. For this assignment, submit the primary research notes you collected from those interviews. 

This assignment should include the following:

Two set of notes (one for each respondent) outlining and/or detailing the answers given to your interview questions by each respondent, including answers to new questions you may have decided to ask as you conducted your interviews. Note: If you video or audio recorded your interviews, you need to take time to listen to the interviews and collect thorough written notes on the answers given.
For each set of notes, identify the respondent whose answers are listed, as well as whether each respondent was representative or an expert. If they are a representative respondent, briefly describe how their experiences are relevant to your research topic. If they are an expert respondent, identify their credentials (their profession, job title, work location, etc.).
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I am going to be writing about how good of a predictor is standardized testing for college academic success. One of the sources I decided to use for my writing argues comparing other modes of assessing students’ performances that do not have to deal with standardization techniques. The second source I chose to use mainly talks about the impact of standardization of tests on improving students’ memory retention. This source will help me dive deep into whether or not standardized tests help with memory or don’t.

Guiding question: Are standardized tests actually beneficial in predicting our college success?

The first person I chose to interview was Lindsey Kiracoffe. Lindsey will be a representative respondent, and she currently is working at Saint Elizabeth as a nurse. Lindsey is someone I went to school with, and someone who can give their opinion on testing because she already went through it.

1. Should children with learning disabilities test on standardized testing?

2. Do standardized tests present ethical issues for students?

3. Do teachers over-emphasize testing and skill preparation because of all the pressure?

4. Have you ever over-emphasized a test?

5. Have you ever studied so hard but still managed to do poorly on a standardized test?

6. Do you think standardized tests can cause anxiety to an extent?

7. Do you think you should have to pass a standardized test to graduate?

The next person I chose to interview was Riley Anderson who is also a representative respondent, but I’m hoping to find an expert respondent. Riley is a Teacher at Clinton prairie and knows all about standardized testing.

8. How well do you think standardized testing measures your abilities?

9. Do you know students who try to cheat on standardized tests?

10. How much of what’s taught in school is present on standardized tests?

11. How can you tell if students have actually learned or met the standards of the tests?

12. Do you think they should change their writing standards for the tests?

13. Are we setting schools up for failure with these tests?

14. Do these tests lower teachers’ morale?

15. Do you think these tests put minorities at a disadvantage?


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