What helps (or hurts) our immune systems ,,, do you really know?  For this activity lets find out!

You should type immune system or immunity + some SPECIFIC factor (like sun and UV radiation or Vitamin C deficiency or lack of sleep) into Google, Bing, or another search engine.  Pick a factor that appears to either help or harm the immune system and do further research until you are satisfied there is some good experimental evidence for the claim.  Do NOT use a broad topic like “diet” … be specific!  Pick a single vitamin, mineral, supplement, protein, condition (like Vitamin B12, garlic, iron, asbestos exposure, or having pets). The immune system chapter in the book has some other ideas you could research also, (like “travel”).

Then post your description of your factor and how it affects your all-important host defense system against infections (remember, what you choose may strengthen OR weaken the immune system!) plus links for at least one scientifically sound website to support your conclusions.

There IS one restriction: you cannot use something that someone else has already posted, and remember you need to include links to one or more supporting reliable websites for your topic!


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