INDIVIDUAL ESSAY Individual essay, 2500-worded, is the first assessment task for this module. You will be first required to select a topic from 9 lecture topics covered in the module. Following the topic selection, you will be required to search for a real and a contemporary event or example in domain of Internationalisation, Economy and Governments and then analyse it using concepts and frameworks related to your chosen lecture topic. Ensure that event or example selected is broad enough with respect to analysis and has regularly featured in the news or journal articles. You can use relevant articles in business and financial press such as Financial Times, Economists to search for events or examples. Please adhere to Marking Criteria while developing your essay. STRUCTURE The introduction section should explain why you have chosen a particular lecture topic, its importance and key theories and debates within this topic or subject area. Following the introduction, you should provide a brief summary of event or story selected. This needs to be followed by an in-depth and a critical analysis of event using theories and concepts discussed in modules and academic literature.

here the writer must select one topic which his/ her are comfortable with from the screenshot above to focus on.  I have attached a few articles. The writer can choose which one he would like to focus on. also attached the module handbook just in case



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