I just need the last two pages

Read :Letter to Brigham jail by Martin Luther king

Last rites for Indian dead by Susan shown Harjo

read the readings analyze both of the readings and compare them to see if there is un/just laws and if I agree there is or not, but I definitely agree there is.

Focus on page 3 and where it says you express of great deal anxiety…

I hope you are able to see the distinction…

Minimum Requirements:

The essay contains an effective thesis statement going beyond stating the obvious or summarizing class discussion
The essay contains an insightful introduction, smooth transitions that guide the reader between sufficient, research-backed body paragraphs, and a compelling conclusion
The essay contains support from your opinion with examples from life and/or observations of the world and uses multiple pieces of evidence from the assigned readings as well as your own research (in-text citations), and class discussions
Proofread, making sure it is relatively free of errors and utilizes coordinating and subordinating conjunctions, use of semicolons, and incorporate new vocabulary used correctly
Write a final draft of 4-6 pages in length (plus a works cited page), follow the standard MLA formatting guidelines for citations, spacing, works cited, etc., and a cover memo where you address the good and bad that came with writing this essay

An A paper will meet all the minimum requirements AND

The essay will acknowledge (through conceding and refuting) both sides of your chosen controversy
The essay will include at least 2 outside sources included and properly quoted and cited
The essay will include unique insight on the controversy that goes above and beyond popular opinion with in-depth analysis


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