For this assignment, you will create a kinship diagram using symbols from chapter 10.  Then you will write a brief description of the diagram using kinship terminology from chapter 10. You have 3 options on which to base your diagram:

Use your own kin group (i.e. nuclear family, relatives) to create the diagram.
Research and recreate the diagram of a historical kin group.
Create the diagram using fictional characters, such as from a TV show or movie.
To draw your diagram, you may use software, such as Word, Paint, or Photoshop, or you may draw the diagram by hand and submit an image.  Be certain that the diagram is clear and understandable.

Important factors to include in your diagram:

Include 3-4 different generations.
Include both relatives based on biological descent and relatives based on marriage.
Use symbols on p. 216 in the textbook.
Choose one person to label as ego.
For your written description, list the relationships between ego and egos relatives on the diagram.  For example, name egos parents, grandparents, cousins, etc.  Then answer the questions below. View these animations from the University of Manitoba kinship tutorial to help visualize lines of descent.  These will help you answer the questions. 

Matrilineal animation (Links to an external site.)

Patrilineal animation (Links to an external site.)       

Who is in egos nuclear family?
If ego lives in a matrilineal society, who is the founding female ancestor?  List all members of the matrilineal descent group.
If ego lives in a patrilineal society, who is the founding male ancestor?  List all members of the patrilineal descent group.
Describe how ambilineal descent is different from unilineal descent using examples from your diagram.


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