I attached two documents below to write the essay.
Use proper citations and a bibliography.
State your thesis and argue for it. (What do you think and why should someone agree?)
Present and motivate an objection to your own position. Then reply to that objection to show why it fails. (What is the objection? Why is it reasonable or important to answer? How might you defuse the objection?).
If you agree with an author about the answer to your chosen question and you want to use some of their reasons for supporting your position, make sure you explain WHY you think their reasons are good ones. What are your own reasons for supporting their reasons? Do not simply repeat what an author has already said. Develop your own new ways to support your answer.
A good thesis should have: Explicit, challenging, and specific thesis. Clearly articulated argument that flows through essay: Premises are explained, linked together, and lead convincingly to the conclusion. Claims are supported with ample evidence and elaborated with analysis. Sophisticated synthesis and analysis of the theoretical and conceptual dimensions of the topic. Originality of ideas.


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