watch movie <La plaza del Diamante> (La plaa del Diamant) (1982 spanish)

you need to find this movie yourself.

break the paper into 6 sections and

you must complete “Plot Summary” and “Background” 500words

you must complete “Photography” and “Mise en Scne” (screenshots are needed) 500words

you must complete “Sexual Politics” and “Genre”500words

you must complete “Sound” and “Acting” (screenshots are needed)500words

you must submit “Movement” and “Editing”(screenshots are needed)500words

It will include “Ideology,” and “theme” 500 words

“Introduction,”300 + words

You must prepare a thorough, detailed, close reading that must include a section for each of the following elements:

1.    Introduction (This is probably the LAST thing you will complete!)

2.    plot summary

3.    Background (If possible, find out what you can about the director and the context of the film).  If there is a wikipedia page about the director or the film, simply link to it.  You will still need to place the film into context.  You can include links to online articles or other things that you think might be helpful to someone studying this film.

4.    Photography

5.    Mise en scne

6.    Genre

7.    Sound

8.    Acting

9.    Movement

10.  Editing

11.  Ideology


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