Encrypting data is essential to ensure safe data transmission. Both symmetric and asymmetric algorithms are used to encrypt the data. In this activity, you will use the open-source CrypTool to analyze the popular AES and RSA algorithm.


You will use the open-source Cryptool-2 to perform cryptanalysis and evaluate the algorithm used for encryption with a known ciphertext. Follow the steps given in the following document:

AES and RSA Encryption and Decryption [PDF, 103 KB] (See Attached File )

Next, submit a 2 to 3-page paper discussing the following:

How useful is a tool like Crytool2 for Cryptologists?
What were your alternatives for decoding this ciphertext if you didnt have the key?
What are some recommendations you could make when using ciphertext and cryptoanalysis?
How is AES different from RSA?


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