Cookies are chunks of user information stored on a clients browser. Many browser extensions are available to analyze the cookies stored within the browser. In this activity, we will use a browser extension to analyze a websites cookies noting how they are stored on your browser and to check if it exposes any sensitive information or has vulnerabilities. 

Lab Instructions

You will analyze the cookies from common websites visited on your local host using the Cookie Quick Manager extension of Firefox and submit a report stating the security parameters of the cookies used in it. Follow the steps given in the following document:

Firefox Analyzing Website Cookies Lab [PDF, 1.2 MB]( See Attached)
Chrome Analyzing Website Cookies Lab [PDF, 1.1MB] ( See Attached)
Once you have completed the lab, please answer the following questions in 1 to 2 pages:

Identify the cookies stored before signing on to a new website. (Include the creation date.)
Identify session and persistent cookies.
Identify the cookies stored after signing on to a new website. (Include the creation date.)
Check if the website can be connected over HTTP protocol. What does this mean?
Verify if the session IDs change or remain the same. What does this mean?
Provide a short answer to the question: What is the major vulnerability of cookies stored on common browsers? 


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