my point of view on the topic

The topic that I am considering is Mandatory vaccinations. There are a lot of controversies regarding this topic. One of them is that MMR vaccine is linked to growing rates of autism, the other, too many vaccines weakening infants immunity system.  This is an emotional topic which divides population in to two groups:  people who are against mandatory vaccinations so called anti-vaxxers and people who are pro mandatory vaccinations. This topic will be interesting for all everyone since we are in the middle of global pandemic and our population might be forced receive a vaccine for COVID 19. The argument that Im going to make is that vaccines are important, but they cant be mandated. People come from different backgrounds, different religious beliefs, and different intellectual backgrounds when it comes to vaccinations People should have a choice. I also picked this topic because I have two small children and even though vaccines are very important, I think as a parent I must have a choice on declining the vaccine.
Differences between formal academic argument and a non-formal academic argument. A formal academic argument is one that begins with educators and or researchers interested in doing studies about a particular subject matter and therefore form a step-by-step process to evaluate the argument with research, study, and proof. Overarching argument is that vaccines although important cannot be mandated and forced onto individuals, I believe that should be a personal choice. Some obstacles that I might have to overcome is probably adverse research about vaccines being a personal choice. because every avenue you research about the vaccines industry only will tell you have helpful vaccines are. The arguments and research are more in favor towards receiving vaccines than not receiving them.  Another obstacle is being judged for not receiving vaccines in time along with being judged by society and physicians.


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