Mexico entered  the  lost  decade  of  the  1980s  with  its  economy  in  shambles  and  its  political  consensus  under increasing pressure.  The crisis would continue through the 1990s and even up to the present day.  What economic  challenges  did  Mexico  face after  1982  and  how  did  the  state  attempt  to  deal  with  them?    What  political difficulties confronted the  one-party  system  under  the  PRI?    How  would  the  state address  the  major social problems (e.g., crime, drugs, migration, etc.) that Mexico would experience?  Did the Revolution end with the fall of the perfect dictatorship in 2000 as some have claimed or does it still remain alive (explain)?

Reference to a reading can be made by using the authors last name (e.g., Sackett shows . . .) no page citations or works cited page are required.


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