It shows that at least 99% of the words are not your own. Copying words from other sources without giving the author credit by including citations constitutes plagiarism. Discussion posts should reflect your own thinking. You can use short quotations to support your thinking. Use the APA Guide in the Resources tab to learn how to properly quote from sources. I suggest you watch the video on Academic Integrity in the Resources tab and read Rasmussen College Academic Integrity Policy in the syllabus. No credit given for your initial at this point. 

Use Grammarly to correct errors in your replies before submitting.. This the feedback I got back on one of my assignments please can you make sure it doesn’t show plagiarism.

Here is the assignment:

As you have learned, families under stress need special consideration. As an early childhood educator, your role is to support families. In this discussion:

Identify a stressor that can affect families.
Conduct research and share information about the resources that are available in your community to support families under such stress. Be sure to describe the size and type of community you researched (e.g., urban, suburban, rural, small town, big city, etc.).
Identify what personal strengths or attributes you have that will help you to support families.


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