Capstone Project Instructions
Prepare a written proposal for a project of which the focus is resolution of a selected issue or problem significant to professional nursing practice (with potential for application in a work setting). While the proposal may not actually be implemented, it will be submitted to pertinent administrators in a workplace.

The student will use evidence-based nursing practice model as the foundation for the Capstone Project (Iowa Model). All elements of the model must be addressed, as indicated. The elements will be used as headings within the written paper to ensure they are used to structure the project.

Use Rubric assignment instructions and EBP practice model to guide content in the paper.
    IOWA Model Headings
    Use the following headings in the Capstone Narrative assignment:
    1. Project Title
    2. Problem and/or Knowledge Focused Triggers
    3. Literature Review/Synthesize Research into Practice
    4. Resolution
    5. Pilot Plan or Implementation Plan
    6. Monitor & Analyze Outcome Data
    7. Evaluation & Dissemination
    8. Summary/Conclusion
    Use headings for your chosen model.
    Use 12 point Times New Roman font.
    The assignment is 5-7 pages excluding the title page, the abstract, references and/or appendices
    The headings from your chosen model must be evident in the paper.
    All the elements in the rubric must be addressed.
    The flow of the paper should be logical.
    Must adhere to APA 7th edition format
    Must have (4 studies) and a minimum of (3) additional peer reviewed articles for a total of at least (7) articles for references.
    This project should address one or more of the following Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) elements at a minimum,
    1.Patient safety
    2.Patient-centered care (patient involvement in care decisions such as cultural considerations, patient values, etcetera)
    3.Professional values (altruism, human dignity, ethics, etcetera)
    6.Opportunities for teamwork and interdisciplinary collaboration
    7.Leadership and Management


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