Having read Birds Four Views on the Apostle Paul, compose an executive summary of the book. An executive summary typically summarizes a longer work in such a way that readers can gain a sense of the work without having to read it all themselves. It typically contains a brief statement of the problem, background information, concise analysis of the central arguments, and main conclusions.

Include in your executive summary the following:
    A brief statement of the problem the book addresses.
    A brief description of the contributors.
    A concise summary of each contributors central argument.
    A concise summary of what you consider the chief takeaways from the book.

Specific Requirements:
    Length of assignment: 500 words or less.
    Sources Required: The student is required to work directly only with the Bird volume, though they are free (but not required) to consult additional sources if they so choose.
    Format of Assignment: Turabian, current edition. References to the biblical text and the Bird volume may be included in the body of the paper with parenthetical citations, but if other sources are used, they must be cited with footnotes and a bibliography of sources cited.
    Acceptable sources:  Bible, textbooks and course presentations. If the student chooses to use sources other than course materials, recent scholarly sources must be used. Internet sources require the instructors prior approval


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