12-point font size
Times New Roman
double spaced
APA format for citation. Required to cite at least 5-10 scholarly articles or credible source.
Make 3-4 arguments in the paper.

Pick ONE of these prompts to write about:

1.Joe Bidens recent executive orders will work to change the way America is perceived by its citizens and the world. Yes or No? Why or Why not?
2. Joe Bidens inaugural speech was effective in pursuit to unite the nation. Yes or No? Why or Why not?
3. What were the pros and cons of the Inaugural poem by Amanda Gorman? What parts stuck out? What parts attempted to unite the nation?

The paper should have an Introduction in which it arouses the readers interest, states and argues against the approved policy proposition verbatim, and previews the body of the paper. Each paper should also have a conclusion in which the student achieves the same functions, only in reverse order. The Introduction, Body and Conclusion should be discernible.


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