Nietzsche explores the idea of Bad Conscience and sees it as limiting our power. Specifically, he connects the idea to promise-keeping and promise-breaking, to punishment, and to cultural institutions. Write an essay in which you:
1. Explain what Nietzsche takes to be the basis of social rules and morality.
2. Construct and defend an interpretation of the text that connects Bad Conscience to
Ressentiment, showing the relation between them.
3. Explain what Nietzsche refers to as the Bad Conscience, and how it relates to power in
the individual case and in the case of a morality based on Bad Conscience. (What kind of
morality would this be, a morality based on Bad Conscience?)
4. Do you agree with Nietzsches claims about a morality based on bad conscience
(specifically regarding the drawbacks of such a system)? Explain what you think the view gets right, and what it gets wrong. Include an argument in favor of your own position, or against Nietzsches.


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