Explain what has happened in the industry during the selected time period and the microeconomic causes and outcomes.


Analyze one of the competitors in your industry to determine how government intervention( regulations, tax breaks, other support) and labor issues have influenced the company.  Note: Not all companies may be significantly impacted by both of these areas, so you will have to use your judgment about what is relevant.
What role, if any, did government intervention play in the evolution of this company?
What regulations have been put in place during this time period and how have these regulations impacted the market outcomes?
Is there a labor union?  Is this company impacted by the minimum wage?
Does this company rely on high-skilled or low-skilled labor?  How does the type of labor used (high-skilled or low-skilled) impact the supply of labor?  How do these influence the wage rate in the company?
Does this company use more labor or more capital to produce products?
Has globalization played a role?  Outsourcing?
Submit a report that is 3-4 pages long, typed double-spaced. 


Please analyze the industry by answering the questions below.  Use of vocabulary and concepts from  Ch 13-17 ( chapters we have covered up to now) and research are required.  Some suggested sources are below (though you can use other sources as well).

News sources: USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance and MSN Money, etc.
National Bureau of Economic Research
US Census Bureau
World Bank
World Economic Forum
Hartnell Library Research Guides
Statistics Research STATISTA  (Great graphs and data!)
the Economist
Wikipedia is not an acceptable source!


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