The paper review should consist of two paragraphs. The first paragraph is a summary of the paper. If the paper describes a research project, the summary should include a description of the problem the research is trying to solve, a description of the approach, and future research to be tackled if the paper has that section. If the paper is a survey paper, summarize the area being surveyed, and the main points of the survey, as well as any descriptions of future research that should be tackled.
The second paragraph should focus on your reaction to the paper. What is the main contribution of the paper? For project papers, do you think the approach or implementation is useful? Do you see any problems with it? For survey papers, do you think the authors did a good job of covering the topic? Why? And for both types of papers, are there questions you have or areas you did not understand? What do YOU think future work in this area should focus?


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