Introduction: In 100-200 words, tell us about yourself. Why are you applying for this scholarship? Feel free to include fun facts, an appropriate photograph, or anything that you feel would make you stand out.
About me:
– Why I apply for this scholarship? To able to use resources for my mental health nurse practitioner program.
– Fun fact: Me, Lucky (my dog), and Emma (my cat) are all going on a diet in 2021. We will be in shape as a family of three.
– Stand out: Serve in the military as a corpsman for 5 years (2006-2011). Currently fighting COVID -19 as front line nurse working in the ICU COVID-19 designated unit.

Short Essay: In 300-600 words, write about the following: Why have you chosen to pursue a career in health care and what are the key qualities you possess that will help you be successful?
I choose to be a nurse to help people because I believe everyone has the power to help themselves. The nurse has the powder to help someone to realize they can heal themselves with some simple techniques of self hygiene.
Nursing is self caring and caring for others.
Key qualities I possess: sense of humor, compassionate about people, easy to talk to, listen and empathize with others, open and willing to experience new things.


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