For this assignment, find two references and write up one of the references as an annotated bibliography.  Begin the paper with the one paragraph annotated bib.  This paragraph will be part of the two to three page body.

Write a two to three page paper on the shortage that we are experiencing, or the shortage that is forecasted to occur in nursing. You can discuss the current shortages, or predicted shortages, but you must cite your references (outside of your textbook) to support your statements. You can focus on the shortage of: nurses; resources; faculty; or the aging workforce, or the numbers of patients that will be added to the patient pool, or any focal point that you find to be relevant to this topic. If you are unsure, please contact me with your ideas before you begin writing.

This is not to be a format for listing your complaints about short staffing on your unit, or that you get floated to areas where you dont prefer to work. I am looking for you to research this topic and describe your concerns for the profession based on the literature that forecasts a nursing shortage.


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