Read the feedback attached to the paper and below and make the necessary changes.More details will be included after bid approval.

1. The instrument section should not provide the actual instrument. It is an explanation about what steps were taken to create the instrument, describe the structure and format of the instrument, and then explain reliability of the instrument. The DSP is an explanation of how you got to where you are. The reader needs to know if you used literature, personal experience, experts, and/or prior instruments as guides to the types of questions and order of questions.

2. Friends and family is not a target population. The target is “Veterans in Columbus that have used the VA Healthcare system.” Therefore, the recruitment must match. You may use “convenience sampling” to begin, but to show a study on Columbus Veterans, you need to advertise to Columbus veterans. I recommend this through additional “snowball sampling” by posting a recruitment letter to social media for qualifying veterans who live in Columbus and have been to the local VA. Just friends and family will create significant bias and provide a huge limitations in relating the findings to the listed population.


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