Gender and Organizations | Pick one of the following options to answer (500 words max)

OPTION #1: One of the major critiques of Gender Communication and Organizations research is that the research points out the problems regarding gender and organizations but the research does not articulate many solutions. Here is your chance! Based on the readings in the unit, identify two major problems regarding gender communication and organizations and propose solutions to those problems. For the essay you need to FIRST: explain the problem and then SECOND: articulate a solution to the problem. Make sure you are using research to support your reasoning.

OPTION #2: You have a friend about to enter the job market. Fortunately, they have you as a friend who has a deep understanding of gender communication and the workplace. For this essay, write your friend a letter giving them advice on how to best communicate in an organization with regards to gender. The sex/gender of your friend is up to you. For this essay, identify three pieces of advice you would give your friend. Make sure your advice is backed up by research. Also make sure your advice focuses on gender and communication in organizations.


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