Compare case study to nursing practice and give an example of a similar experience from your nursing experience. Your reflection should be a minimum of five to six paragraphs. This assignment must be a minimum 500 words. Remember a complete sentence should stand alone. APA format required. Must have a min one reference five years and less, not including the assignment case study. It is high census season for the hospital. The nurses are concerned because they’ve been working extra shifts for a month and they are tired. The lead nurses placed mandatory overtime for the month. The nurses are tired and are making medication errors. The nurses are worried for patient safety. One of the nurses already RSVP’ed to a wedding for saturday, and is working three saturdays in a row. The nurses are unhappy with their schedule because they were scheduled an extra day each week. A notice was received from the infection control nurse regarding the increase of central line infections on the unit. Discuss legality aspect of scheduling overtime and mandatory staffing ratios. Heres a link to refer to https://www.nursingworld.org/practice-policy/nurse-staffing/


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