Handout for Assignment 10.1: Scabies Patient

Read the following case scenario:
    Susie Uptake, an 11-year-old Asian female, is being seen by the physician today for a follow-up examination. She was diagnosed with scabies less than one week ago and would like to be able to return to school. During your consultation with the patient, she states that she has been applying the topical cream, permethrin, each day but she leaves the cream on for one hour and then washes it off since the itching stopped on her stomach and legs. You know that this medication is massaged into the skins surface and is removed by washing it off after 8-14 hours. Also, you know permethrin must be applied for 14 dayswhether or not the itching continues as a symptom. You have been asked to address this non-adherence with the patient.

Respond to the following questions:
1.    Use the Internet to obtain the side effects associated with the patients primary prescription drug, permethrin.
2.    Obtain additional information on three other drugs: lindane,
crotamiton, and  benzyl benzoate.
3.    Create a list of the benefits and risks associated with both the current drug and the other three alternative drugs. Rank them according to inconvenience, discomfort, and life-threatening side effects.
4.    Compose a 250-word statement of how you might counsel the patient on the issue of non-adherence. Be sure to include information regarding the drugs themselves and offer any potentially alternative drugs that might have fewer side effects. Do not forget to discuss the level of contagiousness with the patient, and the need to continue to treat topically despite the lack of previous symptoms.


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