You should do :

1.0 Introduction (Introducing the report and the area of study – should be brief)

2.0 Summary of original plan (derived from the VC presentation, should be original Qtr 1 plan for the business)

5.0 Plan for the future (where do you see the organisation going for the foreseeable future?)

It’s about a company name ‘Sunrise enterprise’ that sells PC.
For our goals and strategies at the beginning (Original Plan) , we used 1. Workhorse, 2. Mercedes and 3. Traveler
I upload a picture that you can use to help you with 2.0, take any of the listed decision about Marketing size, Geographic Market, Competitive posture, and Distinctive Conpetencies.

For the 5.0, just develop a small plan for the future of a PC company.


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