PERSONALITY THEORY CRITIQUE PAPER: You may choose any of the personality theories discussed in your text or another you find interesting. The paper does not require any set number of pages, but should follow the following format (headings) and cover the theory as a written paper, not as a list or in point-form.

The Name of the Theory: Include the date of the original conceptualization.
The Main Proponents: Who suggested and developed it?
Description & Conceptualization of the Theory: What does it say?
Research Supporting the Theory: Is there any research that supports the theory & if so, what does it say?
Any Detractors or Criticisms in the Literature: Has anyone provided written criticism of the theory, any theoretical reasons or research findings against it?
What Do You Think of the Theory?: Be able to back up your opinion with research and understanding, suggest an alternative theory that makes more sense to you and why.
References: You must have at least 3 references (preferably more). You cannot use your lecture notes or the text as a reference. Our UHV Library has online access to a multitude of books and journals. Go to VC/UHV Library Search Tools and select Psychology, then click Submit. It will allow you to refine your search from there.
    Only the citations and references page needs to be done in the current APA (6th Edition) style. For help, see the APA Style Manual (6th Ed.) or visit the Academic Centers APA Guide.
    Any instances of cheating or plagiarism will result in a 0 for the assignment.

Submitting Your Paper: You must send the completed paper to the Blackboard icon called the Class Paper or to the Assignments link. Please send your paper as a Word or HTML attachment. Please remember to put your name on the file & the paper. The paper is due on Monday, April 12th by 11:59 pm via Blackboard. Late papers will be deducted 10 points per day late from final grade for the paper.


Personality Theory Critique Paper
This paper is due by Monday, April 12th at 11:59 pm. The paper should be double-spaced, 12-point font. It will be marked out of 100 points with the following marking scheme:

General Information (Who proposed the theory and when?): 5 points

Description & Conceptualization of the Theory (How was it developed/conceptualized, what does it say?): How does it apply to personality? How does it explain specific areas of personality development? Is it a stage theory or continuous? Does it suggest universality? 30 points

Support for the Theory (Do others agree with the theory? Is there any research that supports it and if so, how does is support what the theory is saying?): 15 points

Critics against the Theory (What do critics of the theory say? What is their reasoning? Are there research findings against what it says or suggests?):  15 points

What Do You Think of the Theory? (Back up your opinion with research and/or others’ reasoning):

What strengths do you see in it? What weaknesses do you see in it? Do you have any recommendations to make it better or more applicable, or can you suggest an alternative theory that makes more sense to you?  25 points

References: You must have at least 3 references (preferably more) and use APA Style throughout your paper and Reference section: 5 points

Spelling/Grammar/Clarity/Organization: 5 points


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