1.    According to Roy, what are the main reasons for marginalization and radicalization of Muslim youth in Europe? Explain in 200 words or less.

2.    According to Kilinc, Chapter 7, what is the relationship between, Islamophobia, far-right parties, and headscarf ban in France.? Briefly explain in 200 words or less.

3.    First define Islamophobia according to the relevant open textbook chapter. Then list the four dimensions of Islamophobia according to Runnymede Trust Report (as reported in the Open Text). Finally, list at least three components. (200 words or less)

4.    According to McCants:


which experiences led to the radicalization of Baghdadi before he declared to be the caliph?  (200 words or less)

5.    Based on the readings assigned in class (wood, McCant, Gerges) and lecture notes, what are the differences between ISIS and Al-Qaeda? (200 words or less)

6.    Using multiple readings, explain the relationship between Islamophobia and radicalization in 200 words or less.

7.    Read the following entry from Pew research:


Then explain how citizens view Muslims in the US and Europe. Use some of the reported percentages in your answer. (200 words or less)


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