Jamal Moustafaev (2017)  Project Portfolio Management in Theory and Practice: Selected Case Studies from around the World Taylor and Francis  Case study is available for free download complements of Boston University Library (see http://www.bu.edu/library)
View Chapters 4 through 10.  Select a case study and industry sector that is of interest to you. Present your individual thoughts as to why this case study and industry appeals to you.
his deals with the same case study assignment discussed in Part I.
Write a  8-page summary of the case study. Eight pages include diagrams and tables. Structure of the paper is as follows:
Case Study Report Title with name of student/s
Summary of Industry
Summary of Company being researched (can be one or more)
Portfolio Composition of the Company being researched
Provide critical comments if the portfolio looks good.
Optimization or re-balancing a portfolio given economic changes in the environment.

1) Summarize content from the case study as presented by the author freely. Even if no APA citation is provided for the case study content you can still earn full points for that aspect. However, please indicate clearly in the bibliography  the sections  (Example, “Content from the section ” Summary of Company being Researched and Company A” was reproduced from the required case study book as is”.)
For the last two sections of the paper you will be providing original insight and citing other sources — you must provide APA citation.)
You have an opportunity to address the following:
            Given the current economic shock to the global economy assume that the company in your selected case study requires a project portfolio modification.
            Explain what specifically needs to change with the portfolio selection process for the selected firm and why?  This could include the following:
o            Corporate strategy
o            Strategic alignment of portfolio
o            Scoring model
o            Portfolio project balancing
o            Provide an updated bubble quadrant chart to depict the new optimal portfolio based on the research assumptions.
o            Make assumptions of the case study freely
See if you can tie in textbook knowledge about Portfolio Management – Example, the Portfolio Life Cycle, or how organizations approve more initiatives than they can deliver, creating dissatisfaction when those projects fail to achieve expected results.  Question why is there a reluctance to reduce the number of projects in progress or change the course?


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